Why At Aspen


Why the Name

Unique to the American west, the Aspen tree has several key features that make its life cycle a remarkable natural model for our own financial lives.


Seeding: Creating a Strong Foundation

Aspen seeds sprout in bare land scorched by fire. From one lowly seed, the Aspen anchors itself into the soil firmly enough to withstand periodic disturbances. Its stem emerges, seeking the sun and sustaining growth. Similarly, at the beginning of our financial planning lives, we may face a challenging landscape with limited cash and significant debt. But properly seeded, our portfolios can thrive like the Aspen.

Growing: Protecting & Accumulating Assets

As Aspens mature, they seek to protect themselves and ensure growth. Their signature black and white bark shields them from storms, extreme temperatures, and attacks from diseases, animals and insects.  Their self-pruning branches grow straight towards the sky, gaining them maximum sunlight, and enabling them to produce vibrant, shimmering leaves, which turn deep yellow and gold in autumn. Likewise, during this phase of our own financial lives, we seek to both protect and accumulate assets through particular strategies, such as managing risk by diversifying and yet also maximizing returns so that we can fund future goals, such as covering children's educational costs or retirement dreams. 

Distributing: Leaving a Legacy

The mature Aspen's striking black and white bark is actually only its outer layer. Underneath it, a green photosynthetic layer of bark enables the tree to keep growing even during the winter when other trees are dormant. This enables the Aspen to sustain both itself and a range of wildlife even in the coldest and snowiest months. In spring, the Aspen is the first tree to bloom, offering its bounty for people and animals to enjoy. As our own financial portfolios reach their full potential, they enable us to be self-sustaining like the Aspen and provide largess enough to help support family or charities of our choice, enabling us to leave a lasting legacy. Like the Aspen in spring, our financial portfolios can ultimately herald new life for the next generation. 


 Mission Statement

Our Commitment is to develop and provide Financial, Retirement, Benefit, and Estate Planning Strategies for Individuals and Businesses. Our process will involve the establishment of a clear and concise understanding of our clients specific needs, goals, and dreams. Our Strategies will provide for a detailed and comprehensive development, presentation, implementation, and monitoring of their individual plans. All of our members will adhere to our core beliefs of Professionalism, Integrity, Competency, Confidentiality.


Vision Statement

To offer an elevated client experience with meaningful results similar to those found at the ASPEN CABIN at Camp David nestled in the Catochin Mountains in the State of Maryland.  This Naval Base has been used as a Presidential Retreat since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


President Kennedy with Naval Aides in April 1961


Aspen Lodge 1961

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck